Monthly Archives: March 2015

Melody’s First Birthday (Party)

In February we celebrated the birthday of a very resilient lady, Melody. For Melody, this was an epic event. She turned 55, but this was her first birthday party ever. We celebrated Melody with her favourite dinner, a big chocolate cake and lots of laughter and hugs. Melody’s journey to home...

From Survive to Thrive

By Michael Schmidtke In my former position working at a homeless shelter I witnessed the survival mindset of my clients. Yet every person I met could not (and would not) deny they wanted to thrive. Thriving is close to the heart of humankind. It is a desire as deep as the instinct to survive. Look...Read More→

Running for a cause: Tyler

For Tyler Graftaas, running isn’t just about fitness. Rather, he lets the running culture and the self-discipline gained through training as inspiration for his work and his goals for the future. “I want to be a dad who runs, a husband who runs, a pastor who runs. Those are my three main identities, and that...Read More→