Monthly Archives: July 2015

Myths about working in non-profit

By Hali, staff member at Accessible Housing When I graduated from university a few years back, I eagerly joined the rest of my classmates in the pursuit of finding a “real job”. Not knowing much about what was available in Calgary at the time, I consulted just about everyone I knew on what jobs to...Read More→

Donor Profile: Trent

Accessible Housing is grateful to all the donors and funders who help us provide Calgarians with safe, nurturing homes where they can thrive. Without this generosity we simply cannot reach our vision of a community where everyone has a home and belongs. Members of the Accessible Housing team also show their leadership by donating to...Read More→

Ramp it Up At Calgary Businesses!

One ramp at a time, Calgary is becoming more accessible. We’re thrilled to launch our first community ramp project in Calgary this summer. Thanks to Tetra Society of North America (Calgary Chapter) and StopGap Foundation for your expertise and for helping get this initiative started in our great city. Thanks to the Inglewood BRZ for your donation...Read More→

Calgary City Council makes moves to improve accessibility

Accessible Housing has been working to mobilize different policy opportunities to advance that cause of accessibility in Calgary. Most recently, we collaborated with Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell to put forward a Notice of Motion to City Council, to commit the City of Calgary to...

Fourth Dimension Redevelopment

Accessible Housing has been committed for over 40 years to providing safe, barrier-free housing and support to Calgarians. It all began with the Fourth Dimension (4D) Group Home in the Capitol Hill community. The Fourth Dimension Group Home is the primary residence for 11 Calgarians, and there is an ongoing waitlist. To meet the growing needs...