Our Board

Back row (left to right) – Leanne Likness, Dr. Caroline Turner Hogan, Andrew Smith, Georg W. Paffrath, Dave R. McElhanney (On Leave), Aron Balakrishnan, Stephen Randall, Irene Pfeiffer & Denise Froese.
Front row (left to right) – Tara Weber & Sara Lambert.
Missing: Dr. John Latter & Colette Hyde

Chair of the Board
Georg W. Paffrath, P.Eng
A society is judged by how it takes care of its most vulnerable. Accessible Housing addresses a sometimes forgotten and yet growing sector of our population. I am involved because I believe I can make a difference.

Aron Balakrishnan

Caroline Turner Hogan, MD, CCFP
During my career I have seen firsthand how important suitable housing is as a determinant of health. Assisting people to live as independently as they can fosters pride and community values. I am honored to be part of the board of Accessible Housing.

Tara Weber
Everyone needs a place to call home where they can be safe and comfortable. It’s only once that basic need is met that we can accomplish great things. I believe firmly in universal design, where all unnecessary barriers are removed and full access is simply part of the design, to enable equity and allow everyone to participate fully.

Dr. John Latter MD, MPA, FRCPC
Because of my career in pediatric physiatry, I have an interest in young adults with disabilities. My hope is that with my background I can help build people’s understanding of what is needed for accessible homes in Calgary.

Leanne Likness, C.Dir., LLM
I envision a world that is accessible to all people regardless of ability. Every person’s home should meet their accessibility needs, every community should be welcoming and inclusive, and every person should be able to obtain the resources necessary to ensure accessibility and the opportunity to thrive.

Sara Lambert

Irene Pfeiffer, CM
I volunteer as part of my commitment to give back to the community. I am not in the achievement business anymore but I do hope to make a solid contribution. I am passionate about life!

Andrew Smith, P. Eng
I believe deeply that we are capable of creating communities that enable, uplift, and are inclusive of all people regardless of circumstance. Throughout my life I have been constantly reminded of the impermanence of one’s own well being, and so I am compelled and honoured to serve in any capacity I can offer.

Denise Froese
As a mother of a child with mobility challenges, I believe that local organizations and community leaders must partner with government in the delivery of accessible housing. I’m inspired by this organization’s efforts to create more than just bricks and mortar — they are creating inclusive communities.

Stephen Randall
The provision of an adequate pool of quality accessible housing is one of the important measures of a progressive, democratic and caring society. I am pleased to assist in advancing that goal.

Colette Hyde
I have a grandchild who has muscular dystrophy and has lost the ability to walk. Accessible Housing and the critical work they do for Calgarians with limited mobility, is naturally aligned with my passion and compassion to help others who face obstacles and challenges every day, just by doing tasks that most of us take for granted. I am honoured to be part of such a great organization.