Homes in Community

We believe everyone, regardless of their circumstances, when provided with the proper support and opportunities can thrive.

Each of our client’s homes offers a different level of support. All of these homes are barrier-free. We match people’s unique needs to this variety of homes and supports. Our homes are located in residential communities rather than in industrial corners of the city. Residents develop a sense of hope and strength by fostering a sense of connection and belonging with the community.

Fourth Dimension (4D) group home

  • offers 24-hour care including daily food preparation, laundry and cleaning services
  • most residents at 4D live there for more than 5 years
  • sits on the edge of Confederation Park
  • 11 residents


  • provides long term, dedicated help for 5 men and 5 women who have struggled with homelessness
  • offers 24-hour support with an emphasis on community-building and healthy living
  • a group home with ten bedrooms with shared common areas (kitchen, living room, washrooms)
  • 10 residents

Foundation Place

  • promotes independence and personal accountability
  • provides support, life skills training
  • a side-by-side duplex of eight bedrooms and shared common areas (kitchen, living room, washrooms)
  • 8 residents

McLaurin Village

  • provides independent living
  • six condominiums
  • located near the University of Calgary
  • 7 residents

Chinook House

  • provides minimal support including assistance with meals
  • residents live in their homes an average of 17 and a half years
  • five apartments with supportive services for independent residents
  • 5 residents