Homes in Community

We believe everyone, regardless of their circumstances, when provided with the proper support and opportunities can thrive.

Each of our client’s homes offers a different level of support. All of these homes are barrier-free. We match people’s unique needs to this variety of homes and supports. Our homes are located in residential communities rather than in industrial corners of the city. Residents develop a sense of hope and strength by fostering a sense of connection and belonging with the community.


  • will offer 24-hour personal support including meals and housekeeping/laundry
  • beautifully located on the edge of Confederation Park
  • will open in early 2018 on the site of the previous Fourth Dimension (4D) group home (read more)
  • will be the future home for 45 residents

Inclusio is set to open in early 2018. Screening for clients will begin in Summer 2017, at which time the process for applying to Inclusio will be posted on the Accessible Housing website. To be sure you are informed about when the application process opens, sign up for our newsletter.


  • Program:
    • permanent supportive housing model that provides long-term, dedicated housing for 10 residents who have experienced homelessness
    • offers case management and 24-hour support with an emphasis on community-building and healthy living.
  • Building:
    • shared accommodation including ten bedrooms with shared common areas (kitchen, living room, washrooms)

It is not possible to apply for this program directly. All referrals into this program must go through the Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) process through the Safe Communities Opportunity Resource Centre (SORCe). Please visit SORCe located at the City Hall LRT – 316 7 Ave SE or call 403-428-3300 for more information on how to access housing.

Foundation Place

  • Program:
    • permanent supportive housing for eight residents
    • case management with limited in-home supports
    • promotes independence and personal accountability
  • Building:
    • a side-by-side duplex of eight bedrooms and shared common areas (kitchen, living room, washrooms)

Looking to apply for this program? Please visit Safe Communities Opportunity Resource Centre (SORCe) located at the City Hall LRT – 316 7 Ave SE or call 403-428-3300.

Chinook House

  • Program:
    • supported independent living that provides minimal support including assistance with meals
    • residents live in their homes an average of 18 years
  • Building:
    • five apartments with supportive services for independent residents

Due to this program’s small size and stability of its tenants, the program very rarely sees turnover. To inquire about space in this program, please contact us.