RAD Renovations


Residential Accessible Design (RAD) Renovations can help you make your home more accessible. The RAD team manages your home accessibility renovation from start to finish – including help applying for funding through RAMP (Government of Alberta) and other sources, modification layout, sourcing skilled and experienced contractors for the job and managing the construction process.

This program offers multiple free services to Calgarians with limited mobility, including:

  • Assessing your home for accessibility modification
  • Assessing your eligibility for low income modification funding
  • Assisting in applying for low income modification funding from RAMP (Government of Alberta) and/or other disability specific organization funding sources
  • Facilitating the funding application process with support from your main care group (including occupational therapist, social worker, senior worker, translator, main caregiver, supportive roommate, condo board and landlord – if applicable)
  • Providing you recommendations for skilled and experienced contractors
  • Managing the construction process of your modification if using our recommended skilled and experienced contractors

RAD Renovations is largely targeted towards low income Calgarians with limited mobility. Program participation and funding eligibility requirements do apply. For more information on whether you are eligible for low income funding for a home accessibility modification, please fill out a RAD Renovations application form and apply to our program.

Apply to RAD Renovations
Please use the application form to apply for RAD Renovations. This completed application can be submitted to:

Please note that we are a non profit, voluntary service whose main focus is helping individuals in need who are unable to facilitate the process on their own. RAD Renovations is not affiliated with the Government of Alberta or Alberta Health Services. RAD Renovations does not directly fund accessibility modifications. Individuals who qualify for funding can apply directly to RAMP (Government of Alberta) and/or any other disability specific organization and are not required to utilize the services of RAD Renovations to apply for funding. All information collected is completely confidential.

Questions?  Please contact the RAD Renovations program at: rad@accessiblehousing.ca or call 403.479.6096.

The RAD Renovations program would not be possible without the generous support from United Way.