RAD Renovations


Residential Accessible Design (RAD) Renovations is a program helping Calgarians with limited mobility and low-incomes live safely in their homes and communities through decreasing barriers and increasing independence. RAD Renovations applies design expertise to accessibility challenges and tackles barriers with tailored solutions.

This program offers multiple services to Calgarians, including:

  • Client and home environment assessment
  • Design and drafting of construction drawings
  • Assistance in pursuing renovation funding
  • Project management and construction oversite
  • Supporting client (and landlord if applicable) throughout the process.

RAD Renovations is largely targeted toward low-income Calgarians. As many funding sources available for renovations require income testing, the RAD program uses an income screening tool for those who are applying for services free of charge. While we follow the income cut-offs listed below for free of charge services, there is some flexibility in this structure (given how injuries and illnesses impact earnings ability). If your income is over these thresholds, please contact the RAD team directly to determine your eligibility.

Income cut-offs are as follows:

  • $46,500 for a single individual
  • $55,000 for a couple
  • $60,000 for families with one child
  • $65,000 for families with two children
  • $70,000 for families with three children
  • Various structures for families with adult children or dependent parents, please apply or contact the team for additional information

Please be aware that RAD Renovations does not contribute financially to any renovation work being completed and as a program only works alongside clients in attempts to obtain finances through alternate means.

Apply to RAD Renovations

Please use the application form to apply for RAD Renovations. This completed application can be submitted to:

All information collected is completely confidential.

Questions?  Please contact the RAD Renovations program at: rad@accessiblehousing.ca or call 403.282.1872.

As part of promoting a culture of barrier-free design everywhere, in 2018 we will assess building plans with regards to accessibility for free (workload capacity permitting). Private individuals, developers, and builders can contact us at rad@accessiblehousing.ca or 403.735.2434.

The RAD Renovations program would not be possible without the generous support from United Way.

Thank you to our community partner First Calgary.