10 Marvelous Fundraising Tips for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon

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You’ve decided to commit to the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon and run for Accessible Housing? Congratulations! You’re not just running in Calgary’s biggest marathon but you’re going to help open doors to affordable, accessible homes for people that really need them! Are you thinking about joining the run and not sure how to ask for donations? There are many ways to raise money and we’ve got easy tips to help support your efforts. Every dollar you raise will make a difference.  If you haven’t signed up to run, walk or roll on – join us now!

10 Tips for Fundraising for the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon

1. Start early by kickstarting your own campaign with your own pledge and ask people to match it.

2. Share your customized, online fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter often and update your social media photo our social media badge (that’s the square image at the top of this page – just click on it and hit ‘save as’).

3. Don’t be afraid to ask. Most people will be really impressed you’re taking on all those miles and they won’t be shy in sponsoring you for a good cause! Make it personal. The message you send to your aunt should be different than the one you send to your buddy from high school.

4. Share regular updates and photos about your training progress. Pictures say a thousand words, and videos say even more!

5. Update your email signature to “Please consider supporting me in the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon, which raises money for Accessible Housing. Check out my webpage at  ________  .’”

6. Run fun. Run in a fancy dress. Or a tutu. Plenty of people run in costume and often find their supporters will give more if they offer to do so. One of our 2015 runners ran in increasingly ridiculous accessories as his fundraising dollars increased. By race day he was outfitted in a pink tutu, a blonde mullet wig and a feather boa.

7. Offer playlist perks. Encourage people to donate by letting them pick your running playlist. For example, for $50 they get to choose two songs for your playlist! Who knows, you might enjoy expanding your musical repertoire or you might end up running along to the Polish national anthem, the Macarena or ABBA!

8. Sell stuff. The good old bake sale is still popular but also consider listing some things on Kijiji – in your ad you can let people know that proceeds will be donated to your run in the Charity Challenge and will benefit Calgarians.

9. Party with a purpose! Host an event like a dinner or quiz night and invite friends and family in return for a financial contribution.

10. Offer rewards to those that sponsor you. The more someone sponsors, the better the reward. For example, $10 gets you a high five, $20 a free drink at the next social occasion you spend together and $100, “the best dinner” you have ever cooked. Rewards like car cleaning, snow removal, fresh-baked cookies or babysitting are popular too!