Monthly Archives: March 2015

Melody’s First Birthday (Party)

In February we celebrated the birthday of a very resilient lady, Melody. For Melody, this was an epic event. She turned 55, but this was her first birthday party ever. We celebrated Melody with her favourite dinner, a big chocolate cake and lots of laughter and hugs. Melody’s journey to home...

From Survive to Thrive

By Michael Schmidtke In my former position working at a homeless shelter I witnessed the survival mindset of my clients. Yet every person I met could not (and would not) deny they wanted to thrive. Thriving is close to the heart of humankind. It is a desire as deep as the instinct to survive. Look at the stories which populate our bookshelves, Facebook feeds, and news publications. They are filled with stories of harrowing survival or against-the-odds thriving. Lottery tickets, relationships, property and vehicle ownership, even grocery shopping are all avenues for fulfilling our dreams. A drunken man sitting on the bus, the woman panhandling on the street, and the guy in front of you ordering a coffee are all humans filled with dreams of thriving but hobbled by the realities of street life whether poor physical health, misunderstanding, or mental health. The obstacles are unique to each person. As a frontline worker I found a majority of my time was given to survival situations. If a client was seeking to thrive, to actuate their dreams, I would refer them to whoever specialized in the goal they want to accomplish. I dealt with the rawness of street situations within the...Read More→

Running for a cause: Tyler

For Tyler Graftaas, running isn’t just about fitness. Rather, he lets the running culture and the self-discipline gained through training as inspiration for his work and his goals for the future. “I want to be a dad who runs, a husband who runs, a pastor who runs. Those are my three main identities, and that is what I want to be identified by,” says Tyler. “At my funeral, I wouldn’t want someone to say ‘Tyler was a really great guy but he was training all the time.’” He enjoys the camaraderie and fun of racing, but had a particularly impactful first running experience about 20 years ago. “I ran the Red Deer half-marathon and it was incredible. Complete strangers cheer for you, call out your name and your number with encouragement. There are so many stories of people stopping to help each other along the way. In our church community, can we do as a run does and call people by name and cheer them on?” Tyler is on a campaign to understand whole health, and his inquiry into what it takes to be truly healthy. So this year, Graftaas will run for Accessible Housing through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge....Read More→