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The Story of a Friend-Maker

– by Trent Sicotte, Program Coordinator I want to share a story about one of our residents at Foundation Place. It is related to a recent life event that has been sad and challenging but also moving and inspiring. In June of last year Ken moved into Foundation Place. In hospital speak he was a double ABK (both legs had been amputated above the knee). Ken had lived with a number of health issues that led to this circumstance, the primary cause being an illness called Peripheral Arterial Disease also known as PAD. In fact he had even become the face of Calgary Health Trust Vascular Care of Alberta after agreeing to have his story and image shared with others in a pamphlet that provided information about individuals with vascular disease. He also had diabetes and attended dialysis three times weekly. When I first met Ken he was in hospital at Peter Lougheed. Ken had been looking for an accessible home for several months as he was now wheelchair bound and unable to return to his previous home. Initially, he seemed very anxious about coming to Foundation Place. He peppered me with loads of questions about accessibility, transfers, staff, the...Read More→