Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ramp It Up Calgary!

Brightly coloured wooden ramps are coming to Calgary to help everyone belong in community. We’re launching this small but mighty community ramp project this summer and looking for more single-step business places to sign up for a free ramp that helps all Calgarians access businesses and services and special places in our city. We need donations of new plywood, lumber, paint and other equipment.  Connect with us at to let us know if you’d like to get a customized ramp for your business place. Read more about this exciting project. 

Accessible Housing Awarded

On Thursday, June 4 Accessible Housing was awarded the Non-Profit Award 2015 from the Calgary Residential Rental Association. This award was received by our Housing Liaison Amy Hainsworth. It is sponsored by the Calgary Housing Company and awarded each year. We’re humbly grateful for the acknowledgment of our contributions to Calgary’s housing community.

Call him Dr. J

One of our Fourth Dimension residents, Jason Nicholson, convocated from the University of Calgary this month with his PhD. in Mathematics. The title of his thesis? Motivic Classification of Regular Equivalued Orbits in the Exceptional Group G(2). We aren’t sure what that is exactly, but it certainly sounds challenging! Jason’s family held a barbeque and party at the home including all the home’s residents. Guests were encouraged to sign Jason’s “decade-book” (as opposed to his yearbook), as this achievement was 10 years in the making. Congratulations Jason. We’re proud to call you Dr. J.

Annual General Meeting 2015

The Accessible Housing Board of Directors, staff, partners, donors, friends and clients, gathered on Friday June 19th for the 41st Annual General Meeting.  It was a celebration of the last year and a glimpse forward to the possibilities ahead. One new Board member was added to the talented Board of Directors this year. Gelaine Pearman joins the Board, offering considerable board experience plus a professional background in healthcare. Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s celebration. Our new Community Report is available online HERE.

Kids and a Cause

Jeff Dyer, Accessible Housing Executive Director and Jason Nicholson, Fourth Dimension resident, say thanks to Bel-Park students on the last day of classes. When elementary school teacher Sonja Hunter’s grade 6’s attended an event called We Day last November she didn’t yet know impactful the day would be. At that event beaded bracelets called rafikis (the Swahili word for “friend”) were for sale for $10 to raise money to help oversees communities. Some of her students could afford them but many of them could not. As Christmas gifts for each of the students she decided to use some of the thousands of beads she’d accumulated over the years to make them their own bracelets as a symbol of their participation and to spark a conversation about social activism. They loved their bracelets and asked if they could start making their own to sell to other kids at the school, and then give the money to a good cause. The first day of crafting, none of the needles worked. They were too large, or the beads were too small. Hunter remembers, “There was my class of students, the day before Christmas break, SILENT, tongues between teeth, trying to thread beads one...Read More→