Monthly Archives: January 2016

Awards for Accessible Housing

Accessible Housing was awarded twice in the final weeks of 2015. Mayor Naheed Nenshi presented the Committee on Accessibility's Advocacy Award at City Hall on December 7 for the work championed by Accessible Housing to help Calgarians live safely in their homes through free accessibility...

Calgary Leaders Take Accessibility Tour

In December Accessible Housing helped coordinate and host an Accessibility Tour for our city’s leaders to help them learn about the challenges faced by people with disabilities. They toured downtown in wheelchairs as part of the city’s initiative to create a more accessible community...

Run, Walk or Roll Because Everyone Belongs

Get ready to get fit, have fun and do good! This year’s Scotiabank Calgary Marathon is Sunday, May 29th. In 2015 our team raised over $40,000, meeting and exceeding not just their fundraising goals, but also their personal goal times and they had tons of fun too. Join now and get started early on your training, fundraising and more. Not a distance runner? There is something for everyone in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. Shorter distances like 5K and 10K runs are offered, and there is even a marathon for kids. Signing up is quick and easy. If you are already signed up for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, you can sign up to run, walk or roll for Accessible Housing at this link. We’re behind you every step and push of the way!

My Why

By Yahaira Henriquez, Case Worker at Accessible Housing I love the feeling I get when I turn my front door key and hear it unlock the door which leads me to my palace – my home. As I enter, all the familiar smells, home furnishings and pictures hanging on the walls welcome me. I usually kick off my shoes, jacket and put down my bag so I can start getting comfortable; it is this feeling of comfort which I have grown accustomed to. My home allows me to exercise my dreams of being a famous home decorator, placing picture frames where I want them, changing the colors of my curtains or moving the furniture around to fit my desires. In my home I can be that famous chef I always wanted to be, I can cook some fancy meals or just stick with scrambled eggs and toast. In my home I can sleep in late or stay in my pajamas all day, watching my favorite shows and movies. But my very favorite thing is to wake up to the sound of my coffee maker as it starts doing its job, dripping that delicious liquid into my favorite mug, and when it...Read More→