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Rolling for Team Accessible!

CLICK HERE to Sponsor Gail! Meet Gail. Gail has been an Accessible Housing resident for over ten years and will be proudly rolling 5km for Team Accessible in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge on May 28, 2017. Gail is participating because she’s passionate about the cause – she believes that everyone should have the same opportunities to thrive as she has. Please tell us about you. I was raised on a dairy farm west of Calgary and have always lived in Alberta. My parents still live on the farm and the rest of my family lives in Calgary. I was a very active child growing up, taking part in horse riding, participating the 4H Club, and playing on many sports teams. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 38, my daughter was only 10 years old. Why did you decide to join Team Accessible Housing with the Scotiabank Charity Challenge? I am participating in this year’s Scotiabank Charity Challenge in support of Accessible Housing because I want to continue being able to do what I love – being active in the community and having a good quality of life. I also want to help make it easier for other people in my situation to...Read More→

Adam’s Renovation

For some individuals, entering and exiting one’s home is an indescribable challenge, a task that is sometimes taken for granted. Up until recently, simply leaving his home to go to school was difficult for Adam*, a 22-year old man with multiple sclerosis (MS). Prone to unpredictable symptoms, MS would sometimes leave him in pain and without the mobility to walk down the steps to the front door of his home. In many cases, Adam’s mother, Joan, had to carry him in and out of their home. If Joan wasn’t available to help him, Adam had to crawl to exit his home, which was a dangerous, embarrassing and painful routine. Accessible Housing’s RAD (Residential Accessible Design) Renovations team met with Adam and Joan to learn more about the accessibility challenges in their home. The RAD Renovations team applied their architectural and barrier-free design expertise by assessing both Adam’s needs and preparing accessible design drawings. The team also facilitated applications for funding, managed construction and supported the family throughout the renovation process. The renovation included constructing a porch lift platform and widening the doorway to accommodate a wheelchair from the deck in their home. This new equipment allows Adam the ability to enter...Read More→

Charity Challenge 2017

Ready, set, go! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Need help with registration? Click here for detailed instructions. Support Team Accessible Housing this year with the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge and register to participate. To register, visit and select YES for the Charity Challenge. If you have any questions, please contact us at The Calgary Marathon has many different categories, from 5K to Ultra, and it’s a great way for people to meet their 2017 resolutions, fitness goals, or just to have fun together! It’s not too hard to get people signed up to do it. Accessible Housing’s goal is to raise $30,000, and in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Team Accessible Housing is looking for 15 runners to run 10km totaling 150km! (Don’t worry, you can run 5km if you prefer!)