Monthly Archives: March 2017

Strengthening Connections

My name is Brent Prairie Chicken and I have lived with Accessible Housing for the past six years. I first heard about Accessible Housing through Spinal Cord Injury Alberta and I am sure thankful that I did! The independence I now have living with Accessible Housing has greatly improved my quality of life, and I feel that I can easily connect with my family and be involved in my community. It is a great place to live – having help available 24 hours a day is very valuable for me. I grew up on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta where most of my family lives today. While living on the Blood Reserve, I spent many years working as a cattle rancher and as a bricklayer. After being involved in a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago, I became a quadriplegic and my life drastically changed. I felt very restricted with what I could do; I was always waiting for help from others, as my home and many buildings nearby were not accessible. There were instances where I was stuck in my home and it was sometimes difficult for individuals to come and help me. I enjoy being involved in my community...Read More→