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Inclusio’s newly designed Wellness Room

Residents at Accessible Housing’s newest home, Inclusio may now enjoy a truly relaxing and therapeutic spa experience in the newly renovated Wellness Room designed by Schulman Design Inc. “When our team visited Inclusio, we were blown away by the amazing work they are doing for low-income Calgarians with limited mobility,” says Margot Schulman, CEO and Owner, Schulman Design. “We were immediately compelled to donate our design expertise, time and supplies to finish one of the only remaining areas, the Wellness Room.” The Wellness Room’s therapeutic bathing system is flexible and compatible with a range of transport and lifting aids that cover all resident mobility levels. Hydrotherapy systems help stimulate the senses, improve well-being, calm stressed or anxious people, ease pain and soreness, and sometimes even lead to reduced medications. The hydrotherapy tub was donated by the estate of a talented and compassionate Accessible Housing employee named Sharon, after her passing. “The water takes the heaviness out of your muscles and bones,” explains Kristine Lowry, Inclusio resident. “It’s relaxing and reduces the painkillers I need.” The Wellness Room is approximately 300 square feet and was very institutional in design. With some color, new millwork, furniture and heated towel bars, SDI transformed...Read More→