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Welcome Stacey!

Dear friends and supporters of Accessible Housing: As some of you may know, Michelle Rhode began her role as Executive Director in May of 2017.  Michelle came to Accessible during a crucial time during the construction and commissioning of Inclusio.  Michelle was instrumental in supporting the organization to not only successfully open Inclusio but navigate other significant program changes as well.  Michelle’s open communication style assisted the organization to maintain and enhance collaborative culture.  Michelle has made the difficult decision to step out of her full-time role to allow her to spend more time with her 1 year old son and have the flexibility to potentially pursue part-time employment. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Stacey Stilling has stepped into the full-time Executive Director role, effective September 16. Stacey previously took on the position for an interim period last year during Michelle’s maternity leave and we were all incredibly impressed with her abilities and leadership. Over the next few weeks, Stacey will work with Michelle to ensure a smooth transition as we continue to serve our team members, clients and residents. About Stacey: Stacey has worked with Accessible Housing in several capacities within the last two years....Read More→

Client Stories: Remy – The Art of Making Life Easy!

I’m Remy Bernier, and I seek a better world for us because we are supposed to be all equal. I had two significant discriminations in the last few months. The first, my registration for a grant of $5000 was put in the garbage. The second one (and more critical) was my recent stay at the hospital. I have a speech disability, which makes me pretty hard to understand. I came to the hospital with a very specific problem. They had a hard time following, so they pretty much heard what they wanted to hear. I was admitted to the psychiatric unit, and they did absolutely nothing to solve my main concern. I’m extremely handicapped, and I live alone, with no home care, nobody supporting me. You will say no way, but it is true. I need to recommend not dropping home care unless you are in a significant life challenge. If they are making your life easier, then don’t drop them. I am all about getting life easier. For me, they were making my life more difficult. I gamble, and now I enjoy very much living, way more satisfaction than be living in an institute or group home. I recommend...Read More→