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National Housing Day 2019

Today is National Housing Day, a day to raise awareness and advocate on the importance of housing across Canada. The need for both affordable and accessible housing continues to present a challenge in various communities and cities across the country. In Calgary, less than 3% of affordable housing units are accessible for a person with limited mobility. Despite these challenges, recognizing the importance of housing is making its way into the public sphere. The National Housing Strategy is one of the key initiatives that the federal government is taking on to tackle issues on homelessness, affordability and home-ownership. In addition, several new housing projects and programs have been announced by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation throughout the year. Here at Accessible Housing, our clients continue to be at the centre of all our decision-making. Our several programs aim towards a single goal: enhancing the dignity of individuals with limited mobility through affordable and accessible housing. On this National Housing Day, we are proud of all the work that has been done across the country and we hope that all stakeholders continue to work together to ensure everyone has a home in community!