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Accessible Housing Society: The Story of Inclusio

Accessible Housing Society is a non-profit organization and registered charity that focuses on opening doors to homes that are both accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility – a growing population with unmet needs within the province of Alberta. Recognizing the need within our communities for increased mobility-restricted and cost-effective housing, Accessible Housing Society undertook the development a 45-suite home known as Inclusio. Inclusio is located in Capitol Hill, Calgary, Alberta; the first building of its kind designed to serve those with limited mobility province-wide. This strategically designed building features: 45 studio suites; Shared common living spaces; Laundry rooms available on each floor; A central dining room (offering three meals per day, seven days per week); and A wellness room (complete with a therapeutic tub). Residents also have access to an enclosed parking garage (with parking stalls wide enough to accommodate specialized vehicles), as well as on-site administration, maintenance and housekeeping services. Through each phase of the architectural design, development and sustainability planning,  Accessible Housing not only gained unparalleled knowledge around the different aspects of accessible construction design and development, but also how our services can be integrated in the most useful way for residents. Through a generous grant...Read More→