5 Things About Inclusio

The brand-new Inclusio building, opening in early 2018, will feature a whole slate of enhancements. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the coolest, creative features of this new accessible, affordable home.

Less snow, more freedom Snow and ice can leave wheelchair-using residents stuck in their homes much longer than others. To help alleviate this, Inclusio’s front walkway is heated from beneath to ensure that overnight snowfall doesn’t accumulate and become a barrier.

Inclusio’s heated sidewalk

All the technology A state-of-the-art digital system will allow every resident to easily control their environment, including their lighting, blinds, multimedia and apartment doorways.

You can see Canada Olympic Park The views from each of the four patios is beautiful, but the view from the top is especially stunning. On a clear day, you can see across the tree tops of Confederation Park all the way to the University of Calgary, Canada Olympic Park and beyond.

Creative cabinetry Every unit at Inclusio comes with a kitchen table, but you’d never see it when you walk in. The tables are part of the built-in cabinetry in every room, and easily pop-out of the cupboard in each of the unit’s kitchenettes. Having the tables built-in allows more space for the resident to move about, and decreases their furniture costs.

Inclusio’s pop-out table tops

Bubbles anyone? A wellness room on the second floor features a modern, hygienic, comfortable therapy tub for use by residents. The ergonomic, hydrosound tub increases well-being and health for the user by creating tiny gentle bubbles that increase skin circulation, leading to improved skin resilience.