8 Reasons to Volunteer at our Casino Fundraiser

We are looking for volunteers for our Casino Fundraiser at Deerfoot Inn and Casino on June 6 & 7, 2018.

Besides the obvious of free parking, a non-smoking casino, easy, quick training, and somebody with you at all times, here are several reasons to volunteer at Accessible Housing’s Casino Fundraiser:

1..Free meal

2.  Awesome people watching!

3. Get to touch soooo much money! Like, tens of thousands of dollars.

4. After touching all that money, getting to use ALL THAT HAND SANITIZER!

5. Catch-up and do good at the same time! Hang out with a friend, partner….or even a group of friends. Shifts can be coordinated with someone you’d like to hang out with.

6. Chiprunner position? You get to hang out in the comfy room! Chill out on the couch, read, watch TV or visit with your pal.

7. There’s a WATERSLIDE at the Deerfoot Inn. A waterslide!

8. Earn big bucks for Accessible Housing.

Please e-mail us at info@accessiblehousing.ca if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you!