Adam’s Renovation

For some individuals, entering and exiting one’s home is an indescribable challenge, a task that is sometimes taken for granted. Up until recently, simply leaving his home to go to school was difficult for Adam*, a 22-year old man with multiple sclerosis (MS). Prone to unpredictable symptoms, MS would sometimes leave him in pain and without the mobility to walk down the steps to the front door of his home. In many cases, Adam’s mother, Joan, had to carry him in and out of their home. If Joan wasn’t available to help him, Adam had to crawl to exit his home, which was a dangerous, embarrassing and painful routine.

Accessible Housing’s RAD (Residential Accessible Design) Renovations team met with Adam and Joan to learn more about the accessibility challenges in their home. The RAD Renovations team applied their architectural and barrier-free design expertise by assessing both Adam’s needs and preparing accessible design drawings. The team also facilitated applications for funding, managed construction and supported the family throughout the renovation process.

The renovation included constructing a porch lift platform and widening the doorway to accommodate a wheelchair from the deck in their home. This new equipment allows Adam the ability to enter and exit his home safely. From the initial assessment to completing construction, the RAD Renovations team worked on their home for approximately seven months.

It is no doubt that this renovation has impacted both Adam and Joan’s life tremendously.

“I have peace of mind knowing that Adam can live independently when I am no longer around,” said Joan.

Adam is now able to leave and return to his home comfortably, safely, and with dignity. Adam feels a new sense of independence, as he can more easily access the community and volunteer. He is also enrolled in continuing education classes at university, because he no longer has barriers to get to and from class.

It’s truly remarkable how a renovation like this new porch lift, deck and doorway improvement can impact a family’s day-to-day life. In Adam and Joan’s case, the renovation to their home that was planned and executed by Accessible Housing’s RAD Renovations team has affected the mother and son incredibly.

On behalf of Adam and Joan, we are incredibly grateful of our community funders for providing  support to help individuals like Adam thrive in our community.

*For confidentiality purposes, the client’s name has been changed.