Application Process

Becoming a resident at Inclusio is a multi-step process.

The Screening Tool is the first step in the application for living at Inclusio. It is designed to obtain basic information from prospective residents in order to assess their potential fit for Inclusio’s service delivery model and level of support provision.

Submitting the Screening Tool does not guarantee acceptance into Inclusio.

Step 1: Fill out and submit the Screening Tool. Expect to be contacted by the Inclusio Intake team within 10 business days after your form submission.

Step 2: Complete documentation allowing access to your medical information and Home Care history where applicable, and provide your most recent CRA Notice of Assessment / tax return.

Step 3: Attend an in-person interview with the Inclusio intake team, followed by a tour of the building. We encourage applicants to come with at least one other person who knows them (i.e. family member, friend, medical professional).

Step 4: Final review by Inclusio’s intake team and building management.

Step 5: Placement on waitlist pending suite availability.

Step 6: Offer of residency*, payment of Security Deposit and provision of Move-In details and tenancy documentation

You will be notified at every step if you are proceeding to the next level of the application process, or if it has been determined that Inclusio would not be the correct fit.

* If a period of 12 months or more has lapsed since placement on the waitlist, the applicant will be required to provide another medical report and the most recent CRA Notice of Assessment / tax return.


(Please ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off to receive .pdf application)

If you’re having any difficulty completing the Screening Tool, please email the Inclusio Intake team.