Calgary Leaders Take Accessibility Tour

Accessibility Tour 2015
Accessibility Tour 2015

In December Accessible Housing helped coordinate and host an Accessibility Tour for our city’s leaders to help them learn about the challenges faced by people with disabilities. They toured downtown in wheelchairs as part of the city’s initiative to create a more accessible community.

Watch the video by clicking HERE.

Councillor Druh Farrell and Accessible Housing’s Jeff Dyer joined the group in wheelchairs, as did ten decision makers from the city’s transportation and planning and development and assessment departments, the Calgary Construction Association and Development and non-profit organizations. The group started in the Municipal Building, trying out washrooms, doorways and the exterior ramp before heading over to Olympic Plaza. The most challenging part of the experience was getting on and off the CTrain.

The exercise was a huge success, with positive feedback and fresh insights made by the participants and observers. Supporters on social media helped this become a trending story online that day.