Accessible Housing Society: The Story of Inclusio

Accessible Housing Society is a non-profit organization and registered charity that focuses on opening doors to homes that are both accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility – a growing population with unmet needs within the province of Alberta. Recognizing the need within our communities for increased mobility-restricted and cost-effective housing, Accessible Housing Society undertook the development a 45-suite home known as Inclusio. Inclusio is located in Capitol Hill, Calgary, Alberta; the first building of its kind designed to serve those with limited mobility province-wide. This strategically designed building features: 45 studio suites; Shared common living spaces; Laundry rooms available on each floor; A central dining room (offering three meals per day, seven days per week); and A wellness room (complete with a therapeutic tub). Residents also have access to an enclosed parking garage (with parking stalls wide enough to accommodate specialized vehicles), as well as on-site administration, maintenance and housekeeping services. Through each phase of the architectural design, development and sustainability planning,  Accessible Housing not only gained unparalleled knowledge around the different aspects of accessible construction design and development, but also how our services can be integrated in the most useful way for residents. Through a generous grant...Read More→

Welcome to Accessible Housing’s COVID-19 Updates Page

Accessible Housing Society takes our responsibility to help slow the spread of COVID-19 seriously. Like many other organizations, we have taken important steps to safeguard our employees, clients, residents and volunteers, including: modified work arrangements; educating our workforce on how to stay safe; and connecting virtually instead of face-to-face meetings. Check back regularly for updates on  Accessible Housing Society programs, visitor information and the necessary precautions we’re taking during this time.

Five Fights Worth Fighting

Lack of accessibility is one of the most important issues facing our society today, and it’s necessary for us to look at what we can all do to make our communities inclusive towards everyone. By taking the time to learn about the small things we can do as individuals to help create accessible spaces, it becomes easy to realize that accessibility is not a hindrance or burden, but a life-changing tool that makes communities stronger and more diverse. True accessibility is multi-faceted and deals with not only physical spaces, but social issues, representation, and personal experience. As a disabled individual, I see firsthand both the issues and the progress made in my community regarding inclusion and access. In this post, I’ll be speaking about five of the most important accessibility issues that together, we can solve. 1. Physical Access to Community Spaces The first things that often come to mind when we hear the word accessibility are things like ramps, automatic doors, and larger bathroom stalls. This is because physical inaccessibility is one of the most obvious forms of exclusion, and it’s something that both disabled and non-disabled individuals can recognize easily. It does not take much to understand that...Read More→

Open Doors, Change Lives

For many Calgarians with limited mobility, there are barriers to finding a home that is both affordable and accessible. Some of our residents have experienced homelessness, depression, addictions, isolation and painful health challenges. Having a safe place to call home can change a life for the better. This holiday season, consider giving the gift of home and support. Your donation will open doors and eliminate barriers to independence. By donating, you help people have a home that is safe, secure, affordable and accessible. Give the gift of peace of mind to a family like Barry’s. Give the gift of security and dignity to a person leaving homelessness, like Karen. Give the gift of belonging to a person suffering from isolation and depression, like Virginia. “It all starts with having a place you can call home.” – Barry, Accessible Housing Resident. Click here to donate today.

2018 Awards

We are pleased to announce three deserving recipients of our Heart of Community awards that will be presented at Dinner for Doors on October 11, 2018: These three amazing Calgarians are doing important work in our city, and helping us get a little bit closer every day to a place where everyone has a home and belongs in community. Sean Crump is the founder and President of Universal Access, a new social business with a mandate to improve accessibility and create equity of access for everyone. As a wheelchair user himself, Sean has had the unique experience of knowing the power of accessibility, but also remembers a time before his accident when accessibility wasn’t something he considered. Sean is passionate about social and systems change, and his company is dedicated to helping companies create spaces and places where all people can participate. From conferences and events to coffee shops, large commercials spaces, and even golf tournaments, Sean’s team is working with the Calgary community to help address barriers and improve their spaces and places that everyone can enjoy. Christin Elawny is a labour and employment lawyer at Field Law, with over a decade of experience in helping employers with complex...Read More→