Client Stories: Remy – The Art of Making Life Easy!

I’m Remy Bernier, and I seek a better world for us because we are supposed to be all equal. I had two significant discriminations in the last few months. The first, my registration for a grant of $5000 was put in the garbage. The second one (and more critical) was my recent stay at the hospital. I have a speech disability, which makes me pretty hard to understand. I came to the hospital with a very specific problem. They had a hard time following, so they pretty much heard what they wanted to hear. I was admitted to the psychiatric unit, and they did absolutely nothing to solve my main concern.

I’m extremely handicapped, and I live alone, with no home care, nobody supporting me. You will say no way, but it is true. I need to recommend not dropping home care unless you are in a significant life challenge. If they are making your life easier, then don’t drop them. I am all about getting life easier. For me, they were making my life more difficult. I gamble, and now I enjoy very much living, way more satisfaction than be living in an institute or group home. I recommend you to go on my website,, and go to the tab “Tricks living in the community”.  I have 51 tricks that I use regularly. I will showcase my six favourites tricks.

1. Cell phone always ready to go!

Don’t miss a call ever again. In my case, I missed almost every single one. I needed to come up with a solution, and after trying many things over, I came up with the ultimate solution. That trick only worked if you use a wheelchair and a belt. Now, I don’t need a watch because my phone is always on my laps. If I want to listen to an audiobook, my earbuds are still easy to access on the side of my wheelchair.

It will cost you less than 7$ to modify phone case not included. Get a clear case (handy for bus pass. Taking the transit is made easy, fast and super-efficient way to show your pass.) Drill or melt two holes about 3 mm to attach the rope. Use about 35 cm of 2 mm rope from an outdoor shop. Buy a carabiner at the same outdoor shop. Use an overhand knot to complete the loop. Use the carabiner to complete the link to your belt. The phone is quite a bit on a long leash for putting inside a jacket during winter.

Go into settings on your phone. Select “Call Audio Routing” to speaker and select Auto-Answer Calls. Now, if the phone is ringing, you have absolutely nothing to do. To be even more efficient, use earbuds with a microphone when you are out. Don’t forget to select “Call Audio Routing” to Automatic.

Your preference, you may or not, add a holder depending on your level of ability. For me, it is an important feature to keep a firm grip on the phone otherwise I drop it.

2. Fitted sheet in bed

What a pain to get out of bed to get a lighter blanket because is too warm. Instead of wasting 15 minutes of sleep, keep a fitted sheet at all times in your bed. If it is a warm night, push away your blanket and cover yourself with the fitted sheet. Make sure your feet and shoulder are stuck within the elastic. I bet you won’t be uncovered even if you move a lot.

Since I’m using an air cooler, I’m using the fitted sheet every night with the combination of my blanket. I’m using that trick for six years.

3. Password software

These days, you need a password for every internet site. Filling forms for buying something is something that I avoid. With this software, all your passwords are managed with a simple click. Buying something or filling a form is not time-consuming anymore. I have access to more than a hundred password sites. Buying something is just at an easy click. Everybody should use a password manager, not only disabled.

4. Text to speech software

Reading is something not possible with low vision. To read anything, I run the text in my Word to Speech software. I’m always current on the story over the web even if I can not read.

5. Word prediction software

Believe it or not, I wrote a 50000 words book with only one finger typing. It took me seven years, and I will publish it next year. I usually take 10 hours to complete a 4000 words chapter. The software speeds up about five times the process. If I don’t know how to write a word, I start to spell the word, and I select it when it appears.

6. Grammarly

English is not my first language and I never went to school for it. I’m a terrible speller and grammar is not my cup of tea. I use Grammarly to give me a finish that I can be proud of. After I run Grammarly, I can’t even recognize my text. It’s that good! The article you are reading is the combination of the last three software that I use all the time to all my bookmaking, film, reading, getting news, etc.


Now, my biggest secret is revealed. If you are just curious about my book writing or being disabled, I believe this article will serve you well. The list of adaptation is impressive on my website. I’m always adding new tricks, and I want to share my discovery with fighters like me.