Dr. Swann’s Wheelchair Challenge

dr swann

Accessibility isn’t something most of us think about very often. We open doors and walk through. We climb stairs, cross thresholds and open cupboard doors with ease. It’s not until we spend time in a wheelchair that we can appreciate the everyday obstacles that many others face.

Accessible Housing challenged Dr. David Swann, MLA for Calgary Mountain View, to spend a day in a wheelchair. He spent time at home, in meetings and at his office while in the wheelchair and he learned this along the way.

“Certainly an eye opening day. Some things I learned about accessibility by spending my day in a wheelchair:

  • doorways, elevators, and ramps pose a particular challenge, especially if they aren’t wide enough, or have automatic options
  • where things are positioned in hallways and rooms plays a significant role in how successful you are in navigating a typical day
  • and most importantly, I would not be able to remain in my own home as it is now, if I were ever to need a wheelchair.”

Dr. Swann posted videos and photos of his experience on social media and will share more at Accessible Housing’s Dinner for Doors evening on November 13th.