Fourth Dimension Redevelopment

West View North ViewAccessible Housing has been committed for over 40 years to providing safe, barrier-free housing and support to Calgarians. It all began with the Fourth Dimension (4D) Group Home in the Capitol Hill community. The Fourth Dimension Group Home is the primary residence for 11 Calgarians, and there is an ongoing waitlist. To meet the growing needs of Calgarians, we are embarking on a project that will build a larger, more modern home with 45 units.

Our new home, Inclusio, provide homes and 24-hour support for 45 people in the community of Capitol Hill on the edge of Confederation Park. Because of this, residents develop a sense of hope and strength by fostering a sense of connection and belonging to the community.

The future residents of this building will be like the current blend of residents at the Fourth Dimension like Jason and Stewart. The current residents at Fourth Dimension are generally confined to wheelchairs full-time. They have a spinal cord injury, a progressive illness like Multiple sclerosis or a congenital disorder. Many of these residents come to this home directly from hospital after an accident while others come from care-facilities where their needs can no longer be met. Others yet transition to the group home because their family can no longer manage their care themselves. Many residents stay with us for several years while they learn to self-manage their care and then move onto more independent living in the community. Others live there much longer, with the average length of stay being 7.9 years.

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