Screening Tool

Accessible Housing’s new 45-unit home, Inclusio, will provide a supportive living environment where residents can thrive. Inclusio will open in early 2018, and we invite you to apply to live at Inclusio by completing the Screening Tool below.

Before filling out this tool, please carefully read the Inclusio section of our website. There is very important information about program criteria, supports available at Inclusio, rent structure and other details. This information will help you best understand what Inclusio will offer, and whether this program could meet your specific needs.

Note that this is the first step toward living at Inclusio, and does not constitute a complete application. A staff member will be in touch with you regarding the next steps in your application process.

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Secondary Contact (i.e. family member, caregiver, etc.)

Referral First Name (i.e. if referral through social worker, occupational therapist)

6. What activities of daily living do you need assistance with? What activities are others (staff, family members) helping you with?