Investing Where I Work

Hali and Jill at a client celebration

By Jill, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Accessible Housing

The other day I went into my kitchen and got a glass of water. As I watched the cold, clean water flow from the tap, it struck me that I am reliant on many other people to make this amazing thing happen. From the reservoir to the utility company to the plumbing in my house, there are hundreds of people who work to get the water from the river to my kitchen, and all of them are doing jobs I have very little understanding of. It sometimes strikes me that in a society that values independence so highly, very few of us are truly independent.

I am incredibly lucky. I am a highly privileged person living in a place and time that makes my life remarkably easy. I have challenges, but I’m not washing clothes by hand or taking cover from gunfire on any given day. I don’t currently need an accessible home, because I can easily use stairs, take a shower in a typical bathroom, and turn around in an average sized hallway.

I receive so much based on luck of circumstance and the work of others. The little I give back in return doesn’t begin to touch that debt. It’s my responsibility as to honour my fellow humans who live in a world that hasn’t been as kind to them. One of the ways that I do this is by having Accessible Housing take a small donation out of each one of my pay cheques.

As a staff member, I am accountable to the organization. But as a donor, I have a personal stake in its success. When I invest in Accessible Housing, I can take a new level of pride in the work I’m doing and the impact the organization makes. The donations link me in a tangible way and on a personal level to the work we do.

As a consistent donor, I know that I am giving Accessible the best kind of gift – one that is reliable, predictable, and unrestricted, so that the organization can plan long term and put the gift towards whatever it needs most to do its work. This is true for all donations that I give, because as someone with over 10 years of experience in the charitable sector, I know how important this type of gift is.

I would never work somewhere that I wouldn’t donate to, and Accessible Housing is a worthwhile cause. I see our residents and clients first hand and hear their stories on a daily basis. We are so similar, as we each rely on our communities to provide us with the necessities of life, and we could easily have had our situations reversed. The work Accessible does is important to them and to their families, and makes a real difference in their lives.

To make a donation to Accessible Housing, go to the DONATE page on our site.