A New Home at Newbridge

Friday, January 19, 2018 was an incredible day for Ron, an Accessible Housing client, and his caseworker, Dayna. Ron moved into his new home at Newbridge (Accessible Housing’s permanent supportive home), and can’t wait to connect with and support his new community of friends and neighbours.

Ron expressed that he is most looking forward to getting to know each of the residents at Newbridge and be a part of the community. Dayna said that he feels excited and grateful for his opportunity to not only live at Newbridge, but also help out around the home. He enjoys helping prepare meals, and most rewarding,  sharing a meal with friends. He would often skip meals because he had no one to eat with.

“Ron is the type of guy that shovels people’s driveways on a regular basis. He is constantly helping other people and volunteers as much as he can, such as volunteering with the Client Action Committee with the Calgary Homeless Foundation. He is a very kindhearted person,” said Dayna.

Welcome to the Newbridge family, Ron!