Welcome Home Hamper

Many of our clients have experienced chronic homelessness and bring with them few or no possessions to establish their new home. You can help them by providing brand-new essentials – bedsheets, towels, dishes and cookware, a toothbrush and toiletries – things most of us take for granted.

Successful transition from homelessness to housing truly hinges on these small things that help people recover their self-worth, their dignity, and their sense of belonging.

New items only please

Kitchen: cutlery, dishware, glasses & mugs, pots/frying pan/baking sheet, knives & cutting boards, tea towels, small appliances (toaster, coffee maker), oven mitts, can opener, microwave (new or gently used)

Bathroom: toilet paper, toiletries and hygiene products (toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc), washcloths, bath towels, shower curtain & rings, toilet brush, plunger

Bedroom: twin sheets, twin comforters, pillows, clothes hangers

Cleaning Supplies: dish soap, laundry soap, multipurpose cleaner, sponges, broom & dust pan, mop & bucket, paper towels, vacuum (new or gently used)

Clothing (new or gently used): Winter jackets, winter gloves, scarves, toques

Gift Cards: Walmart (any denomination), Ikea (any denomination) Safeway ($25 or $50), Co-Op ($25 or $50)

Our team purchases coffee tables, dressers, and kitchen tables & chairs from Ikea, and our Case Managers build these items alongside our clients. If you are interested in donating one of these items, please reach out and we can provide you with information on product models. Alternatively, an Ikea gift card donation will be used towards purchasing these items.

If you are interested in making a donation, please email info@accessiblehousing.ca or call 403-282-1872 to coordinate a