Remy’s story

Remy’s life was on-track for success. At 20 years old, he moved from Eastern Canada to Canmore and had recently completed his Journeyman ticket as an automotive technician. He was also enrolled in the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) guiding program, and enjoyed backcountry skiing, ice climbing, and mountain biking before his stroke at age 27. The stroke caused a severe brain hemorrhage, and as a result, Remy was paralyzed on the right side of his body. Remy recovered in hospital for five months, and spent one year in a rehabilitation program.

After this life-altering event, it was imperative for Remy to find an appropriate, accessible home that offered him safety and stability.

“I was never homeless, but I was going to be because I had nowhere to go. My only option was the hospital. Life on the street with my condition was not an option,” said Remy.

After moving into low-income housing in downtown Calgary, he was able to start gaining back his independence. Remy had to make changes to his apartment, which included attaching rope to doors so he could easily open them, and installing a temporary “super pole” in the apartment to allow him to get in and out of bed independently. But, life wasn’t easy living in an apartment not big enough for him, and Remy needed to find a more appropriate, long-term home.

It was then that Remy was connected with a caseworker from Accessible Housing’s Bridge to Home program. In a short period of time, the Bridge to Home team was able to help Remy find a safe, accessible apartment.

“Accessible Housing came to my rescue and they found me my dream apartment within one month! Without them, I would probably still be at the hospital. They took charge of everything including the moving truck. Everything a person could wish for, you were there to take care of it!” said Remy.

Remy is thriving in his new home, in part thanks to the caseworker support he receives from Accessible Housing. Without the constant stress and worry about his housing, and with his tenacity and drive, Remy is able to do things that he loves including climbing, skiing and kayaking. Most importantly, he now enjoys inviting friends and family over to his home, something he never felt comfortable doing in his previous home.