Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision: People with limited mobility are empowered to achieve their potential.

Our Mission: We open doors for people to live in community with dignity through supportive living services.

Our Values:

    • Compassion
    • Community
    • Integrity
    • Empowerment

We believe in the Housing First philosophy. What is Housing First?

  • Makes finding permanent housing and keeping people in their homes the main priority
  • Addresses the root causes of homelessness by providing permanent homes plus support
  • Provides savings in other costs like healthcare, police, emergency services and in the justice system
  • Housing First is a proven and economical approach

Accessible Housing Society matches people’s unique needs with an affordable and accessible home; we provide help with almost any support they might need so they can overcome the challenges that led them to homelessness in the first place.

We believe that although we can’t always change our circumstances, we do not have to be defined by them. We believe that everyone, despite of their limitations, have the right to live in a safe home and be part of a supportive community. We believe everyone, regardless of their circumstances, when provided with the proper support and opportunities can thrive.

We’re inspired everyday by the immense courage, perseverance and fortitude of our clients. Our work is simple, we’re here to eliminate obstacles and provide the opportunities and support needed so our clients can focus on pursuing their dreams rather than struggling with their limitations.