Housing with Intensive Support

Our team assists our clients with everything from the basics of daily living like laundry and shopping, to life skills like conflict resolution and goal setting.

Bridge to Home


  • A 12-24 month, intensive case management program supporting individuals with limited mobility who are also experiencing chronic or episodic homelessness
  • Provides focused, time-limited case management as clients transition back into community housing
  • Caseworkers work alongside clients to make both formal and informal linkages and supports within their community


  • Housing is provided in a scattered site model, utilizing market and non-market rental housing with rent supplements

It is not possible to apply for this program directly. All referrals into this program must go through the Coordinated Access and Assessment (CAA) process through the Safe Communities Opportunity Resource Centre (SORCe). Please visit SORCe located at the City Hall LRT – 316 7 Ave SE or call 403-428-3300 for more information on how to access housing.

On a typical day, one of our caseworkers might help their client register for an exercise class and later provide moral support for the client’s first class at the local pool. On another day they will help a client practice walking in the park because they are feeling self-conscious about their new cane. Another caseworker will help a client get critical identification like an Alberta Health Care card and then help them make and keep regular appointments with their new family doctor, sometimes driving them to the doctor’s office.

Our team works with their clients so that they can be hopeful, healthy, dream big and thrive in the community.