Monthly Archives: September 2015

A new perspective on buying a home

By Phil Leffelaar, Program Coordinator at Accessible Housing Over the past couple of months my wife and I have been excitedly searching Calgary in hopes of finding the perfect house to call our future home. This being our first time looking for a house to purchase, it has proven to be an exciting, challenging and eye opening endeavor. The elements that have made the top of our housing search list criteria consist of the standard things that many people are looking for; a kitchen large enough to entertain friends and family, a backyard for future kids to play in and a house with more than one bathroom! The one element that has unknowingly made its way onto my non-negotiable list is the need for our house to be “VisitAble”. A few months back I had the privilege of sitting in on a presentation where the concept of “VisitAble Housing” was discussed. The idea of VisitAble Housing refers to a concept of designing and building homes with a standard of accessibility that provides easy access for everyone to the main floor of a house. Three of the basic features of a VisitAble Home include a no-step entrance into the house, a...Read More→