Application for Inclusio Residency

Inclusio is Accessible Housing’s 45-unit home which provides a supportive living environment where residents can thrive. Before filling out this tool, please carefully read the Inclusio section of our website where you will find very important information about the Inclusio program, rent structure, supports available, and other details about living at inclusio. This information will help you best understand what Inclusio offers, and whether residency at Inclusio is suitable for you.

In completing this application for residency at inclusio, please provide as detailed information as possible. Please put "NA" if not applicable for mandatory sections within the form.

Please note that this is only the first step in the application process. Upon receipt of your application, the Inclusio Intake team will inform you of the next steps in your application process, and what else is required of you. If you need clarification about the information on this application form, please email

Alternatively, you may download the pdf form and fill out by hand. Please email the completed form to

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusio is best suited for residents who are self-motivated, willing to maximize their independence, and enjoy a congregate living environment. Before continuing with this application, please read through the criteria to determine if living at Inclusio would be suitable for you.

Please tick as appropriate. Y or N

Applicant Information

Please complete all sections and provide information for each question to enable us have a good understanding of who you are. If a question does not apply, please write in N/A.

Secondary Contact (i.e. family member, caregiver, etc.)

Referral Source (i.e. if referral through social worker, occupational therapist, etc.)

5. Are you able to fully understand and independently manage your medications?
12. What activities of daily living do you need assistance with?
13. What is your total annual income from all sources?
The accommodation charge structure at Inclusio is comprised of a ‘rent-geared-to-income’ (RGI) component calculated at 30% of total individual income + Service Fees, subject to a minimal total monthly accommodation charge of $1,245.42 for 2023

Total individual income is defined as current, regular income earned from a variety of sources including employment, social assistance, monthly insurance payments, Canada pension plan, AISH, old age benefits, income security benefits, investment income, etc

All residents at Inclusio have their income assessed and will pay the corresponding rent component as per their RGI calculation. Service fees are the same for all residents. The total accommodation charge is subject to a monthly minimum of $1,245.42 for 2023 .

For more information about the Inclusio accommodation charge, please visit our website at