Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for living at Inclusio.

Residents at Inclusio:

Age: Are over the age of 18

Income: Earn less than $46,000 in annual gross individual income.

Living in Community

  • Are interested in living in a congregate living environment.
  • Are respectful in their interaction with other residents and staff
  • Participate in regular reviews of service plans, assessments and care plans
  • Comply with all laws, regulations and policies pertaining to the health, sanitation and safety of other residents and staff
  • Do not have any unresolved legal issues that involve any potentially dangerous or criminal behaviours
  • Are motivated towards personal growth and/or acquiring the skills necessary to maximize independence


  • Have limited mobility due to a permanent, congenital or acquired physical disability.
  • Regularly use a prescribed mobility aid, safely and independently
  • Do not have a history of falls leading to significant injuries, that cannot be managed on an ongoing basis


  • Are medically stable and do not require constant, 24/7 medical interventions that cannot be supported by AHS Home Care
  • Have no significant memory / cognitive impairment (Dementia, Alzheimer’s), and are able to be their own decision-makers and manage their own personal affairs
  • Do not require regular nursing interventions (i.e. PICC lines, IVs, complex wound care).
  • Do not experience seizures
  • Do not have significant swallowing problems which would pose a choking risk or require a modified diet (i.e. thickened fluids or puree)
  • Are able to manage the process of administering their medication – either on their own as prescribed by their physician or be willing to engage in a medication administration program developed by either AHS Home Care or Accessible Housing
  • Do not present with behavioural issues and are able to reasonably manage any mental health conditions and/or substance dependencies
  • Take responsibility to ensure they receive proper medical care as required, and all medical recommendations are followed


  • Require some degree of support around activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, clothing, grooming, meal assistance) and personal care assistance
  • Have a local physician who provide their medical history prior to admission into Inclusio and on an annual basis as required

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